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Chain+Bungee Combo | How To Efficiently Split Wood & Save Your Back

If you've ever chopped firewood before, you know that along with each swing and split, you're bending over to pick up that piece of wood that flew off. Not so bad at first, but compound that over time and you're setting yourself up for more aches and pains than you need in your life. 

Well, good news. There's a smart and efficient 4-step method that will minimize the amount of time and effort you're spending on picking up wood rather than chopping it.

Step 1: Find a light chain and a bungee cord. Hook one end of your bungee into a chain link.

Step 2: Wrap your chain and bungee around the bottom third of your soon to be split log. The chain and bungee should fit snugly. 


Step 3: Get to chopping! Chop the log as you normally would. Walk around it if you need to. Notice that the wood does not fly out, but instead stays firmly within your chain+bungee combo.

Split Wood Bungee Chain

Step 4: With the chain+bungee combo still in place, take your log and place it where you will begin to stack your wood. Unhook the bungee cord and see all your chopped up pieces of wood roll out in one place. Remove chain+bungee combo and repeat.

Pretty simple, right? The bungee allows you to adjust to any size log, which makes this particular method very helpful for your splitting needs. If you're not doing this to chop wood yet, we highly suggest that you give it a try. It's a life saver! Once you do, tag #everythingaxe to show us your new skills. 

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